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ART  Classes for kids and adults.

This class is designed to open creativity talent in young artists.

 Through the session, they will learn new skills, acquire knowledge and confidence in their art.
We are going to combine the Impressionistic approach along with traditional academic methods

to help students to find their own expression in visual arts.

They will explore a variety of oil, acrylic painting techniques from opaque strong brush strokes to transparent layers of glaze.

The class will focus on understanding and step-by-step organizing creative processes of painting and drawing.

The teacher will lead students from start to finish, to help each student to move forward.
Subject include still-life, landscapes, portraits and the figure.   
Materials: Oil or Acrylic paint, pencils, pen, charcoal.


Schedule and Payment


1 semester

Sept 15 - Dec 8

2 semester

Dec 15 - March 16

3 semester

Marc 26 - June 22

8 - 12Saturday 9:15 - 10:15350350350
7 - 10Saturday 1:30 - 2:30350350350

***All materials are included

Adults workshops -  once a month, follow us on Facebook for more information 

Class minimum - 3 students

Class maximum - 7 students

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