Russian as a Second Language

 Welcome to our Russian as a Foreign Language class:

Depending on your ultimate goal, the program of study you choose needs to be adjusted so that you find

yourself focusing on the right level as you learn Russian as a foreign language.

For basic conversation, anyone learning Russian as a foreign language should primarily work on pronunciation,

vocabulary needed in everyday use, and conversational grammar.

In order to do business with Russian partners, all of the above should be combined with more profound study

of general business vocabulary and vocabulary specific to your field of work.

Learning Russian as a foreign language for proficiency or academic purposes includes comprehensive study of pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, as well as working on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Most Russians know that learning Russian as a foreign language is a demanding challenge, so you can be sure they will appreciate your effort, take it with great respect, and be helpful in every possible way. Our  classes  helps you make learning Russian as a foreign language an easy and fun task while teaching you the skills you need.

Schedule and  Tuition

DayAgeTime 1 semester TuitionYear TuitionAvailability
Monday6 - 94:00 - 5:0035010502
Wednesday6 - 94:00 - 5:0035010503
Wednesday14+5:15 - 6:3040012002
Saturday6 - 1011:45 - 12:3035010503


More days and time available during the  school year. Email us

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